ATTENTION: For Dads who are serious about taking Their fitness seriously...
Discover the exact steps dedicated, Busy dads are using to torch up to 25lbs of fat in as little as 12 weeks...

...Dump The "Dad-Bod" Once And For All, Without Giving Up The Foods You Love Or Wasting Precious time in the Gym!

WHAT'S INSIDE: a free video outlining The EXACT blueprint I used to drop 20+ lbs **ahem** 4 times... while being a busy dad, Husband and business owner.
Use my interactive Fitness Scorecard and learn how YOU stack up to the 13 most common reasons Dads fail to Live Fit & Healthy.
How can BJ help me get results?
#1: Safe, Efficient Workouts You Can Do With Basic Equipment
Minimalist workouts, maximum results.
A kettlebell, a barbell, your bodyweight, and a backpack.
Simple, to the point, no fluff
#2: Simple, Easy to Follow Nutrition That Works
Because.  Diets.  Suck.
Unlock your body's potential to build lean muscle, increase energy & mental clarity, and finally burn stubborn belly & low back fat.
#3: Coaching, Accountability & Peer Support
It's hard to do this alone, it's even harder when those around you "just don't get it". 
A band of brothers, a tribe, a crew... you NEED a group of like minded MEN to keep you on track.
My Personal Journey:
Who the f@#k is this BJ guy?
Father, Husband, Former Fat Kid, Business Owner
I remember tipping the scale at 96lbs in my 6th grade gym class, back when the Presidential Fitness standards were still a thing... and knowing, "Oooo, This can't be a good thing."  
So yeah, I was a fat kid, although I think we called it "husky" then.
I mean, let's face it.. as a father, husband, I know, deep down, I need to be fit and heathy to take care of my sh*t and be the example for my daughter.
So, I've been on a mission to find a way to stay in great shape without being stuck in the gym for 2+ hours like a meathead gym rat, because...
...I'd rather be fishing, hiking or riding bikes!
Now, I coach men, mostly busy dads, build muscle, burn fat and feel great so they can take care of their shi*t and stop watching from the sidelines as their kids experience life - It's time to get in the game.
International Best Selling Author
In 2009 I was asked to contribute to "Total Body Breakthroughs" with some of the best fitness pros in the industry.

Now, imagine my surprise when I was told on the day it was released, that it had reached "Best Seller" status, and then... International Best Seller Status!
USA Today Featured World Fitness Elite Trainer of the Year
Shortly after moving to Texas in 2008 and starting a successful and thriving training facility, I had the honor of being featured in USA as a World Fitness Elite Trainer of the Year.

The "feel good" story of how my wife, Kori, and I had packed up everything, moved 1000 miles across the country on a whim to start, what turned into, a thriving Training Facility was also featured in many national publications.
Champion Kettlebell Sport Athlete
and 2 time USA National Team Member
I was bitten by the kettlebell bug in 2001, well before most people in "The West" had even heard of kettlebells.  Then, in 2011 I took my first trip to Russia for a training camp, then again in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

In 2015 I earned my first spot on the US National Team and competed in Hamburg, Germany.  In 2016 I traveled to Dublin, Ireland to compete as a part of the US National Team, again. 
Here's Just A Few Guys I've Helped...
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